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The Meet-A-Mum Association originated in the United Kingdom in 1982 as a support and resource group to assist new mothers. The Bermuda chapter of the Meet-A-Mum Association (“MAMA”) was formed in 1986. Since then, MAMA has evolved to serve all kinds of young families in Bermuda whether it’s a mum, dad, grandparent, or nanny minding the children. Whether you’re new to the island or just new to parenthood, MAMA is a valuable resource for information on raising kids in Bermuda, and provides new members with a social network of support.


MAMA keep its members updated with a weekly newsletter called The Stroller. The Stroller tells members about all incoming events and includes links to our Affiliates’ websites.


Socially, MAMA is very active. Aside from its playgroups (held during the week in various parishes), each month MAMA holds a variety of
events. There are three major free events held each year – an Easter Egg Hunt, Fall Festival and Christmas Party as well as other large events such as our Superhero party or our Royal Tea Party. There are also smaller events held each month. Some events are for children, such as treasure hunts, craft mornings/afternoons, or fun days. Some events are for mums to meet other mums in Bermuda, such as ladies’ nights out. Some events are just for dads, such as daddy/child fishing trips. Other events are devised to give parents a break from the routine, a relaxing evening cruise or romantic dinner for two. Plus, MAMA stays active during the summer so there is always something to do!


Benefits of membership

  • Access to our Contact Mum to get you started in MAMA and settled in Bermuda if you have recently arrived.
  • Discounted access to weekly playgroups across the island.
  • Access to bilingual contact mums who can help non-English speakers settle in.
  • Access to fun events for the whole family, some of which are fully or partially subsidised by MAMA.
  • Invitations to members’ only events, lectures and demonstrations.
  • One free advertising a year (nanny shares, items for sale, yard sales etc) in The Stroller.



Our Mission

To connect families with fun! We provide information, activities, events and contacts to support and inform parents and caregivers of young children in Bermuda.


Our Goals

  • To bring families together and thus provide a support network for the parent and child.
  • To be available to assist and respond to the needs of our members.
  • To provide opportunities to meet and socialise.
  • To provide up to date information on MAMA and its activities as well as community activities relevant to young families.

Contact Information

Address: P.O. Box WK 418, Warwick, WK BX, BERMUDA



General enquiries: contactmum@mama.bm

Newsletter enquiries: stroller@mama.bm

Advertising enquiries: businessmembership@mama.bm

Membership enquiries: membership@mama.bm

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