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Our volunteers run playgroups throughout the week at different locations across the island. Playgroups are a great place for children to play, interact, enjoy story time and some songs. Parents, grandparents and nannies can socialise and enjoy a cup of coffee or tea whilst the children have fun. We also include a baby corner suitable for babies too.


Fees: Members $5, Non-members $10 (Prices are per family attending).

What to expect

  • Hosts will be wearing MAMA badge.
  • Please pay your entrance fee and sign in when you arrive.
  • IOUs to be settled the following week (the venues, along with the food, crafts, and parties all cost money, so it is important that everyone makes sure to pay so we can continue to host playgroups.).
  • Snacks, teas and coffee are provided, however please bring child’s own beverages.
  • No dirty nappies and diapers in the garbage – please remove from premises.
  • We ask if everyone can please help the playgroup hosts to help tidy up at the end.
  • No drop-offs
  • If bringing birthday cakes, please provide paper plates, candles, serviettes, and cutlery. Sometimes we do not have enough.


Contact Information

Address: P.O. Box WK 418, Warwick, WK BX, BERMUDA



General enquiries: contactmum@mama.bm

Newsletter enquiries: stroller@mama.bm

Advertising enquiries: businessmembership@mama.bm

Membership enquiries: membership@mama.bm

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